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17th Place Townhomes may not seem like a space ready for a family of 4, but Aileen Saucedo – mom and real estate agent, is out there to prove otherwise. Alongside herself, her husband and two daughters, the city life isn’t a dream anymore, it’s a reality.

This is Aileen’s #17thplaceliving story…

My name is Aileen Saucedo. Along with my husband Abram and our two daughters Cheyenne and Janae, we are #17thplaceliving.
By day I’m a real estate agent, which is quite interesting to say given that I rent a townhome, but I wouldn’t have it any other day. As a mom, I’m always busy between work and my daughters.

We never planned on living downtown, we were pretty set on living in the suburbs of Bakersfield (or at least my husband was), but coming from LA, I have a bit of the city life in me that the townhomes lets me live out.

Being in real estate, I know about the latest developments going up around town. One day after eating at Sequoia Sandwich Company down the street from the townhomes, I convinced my husband to do a tour. You can take the real estate agent out of the office, but you can’t take them away from doing a walk-through! Once we did, I fell in love. We went home and I immediately did the math and compared to what we were paying to live in our bigger house to see if this was even something to consider. It was doable! We realized that we wanted to make a move in a different direction that most people wouldn’t – rent our home and move into the townhomes. We wanted to live a different style life in Bakersfield, a downtown urban life in the city that we call home.

I love living here in Bakersfield. My family still asks why we continue to live here, but what I tell them is that you don’t know the Bakersfield I know. I love the community, I love the fact I can walk to get my favorite food, and I can see a skyline from my living room.

My favorite part of the Townhomes themselves is the fact that I have stairs! I have a built in gym and it helps me get in my steps. I also love the fact we have separate living areas. Especially living with kids, we can have friends over and only clean the kitchen and living room while keeping the kid’s areas as they are (messy)!

I love the community space at 17th Place and the fact that I can use them for gatherings of my own. We were able to have a church gathering, inclusive of all backgrounds, in the courtyard. It was amazing to have that space available, not only to fit a bunch of people but to also show our friends the type of life we live here and they could live here too!

What our family loves about Bakersfield is that there’s a lot of passion here and it’s contagious. We’re not in a big city, but we don’t have a lack for creatives and artists. We just need to get them more visible. I love supporting local small businesses. When my two girlfriends and I get together, I always convince them to go to my favorite spots downtown, like Mama Roomba. I realized that I want to try new things and support the spots we have close to the Townhomes and we’ve all come to love.

Our favorite spots are Mi Peru (trust me, the ceviche is amazing), Happy Jack’s or 24th Street Cafe for breakfast, Mama Rumba and Pyrenees Bakery. We also love the new community gatherings happening, from the Fourth of July parade, First Friday, Second Saturday events and all the goodies over at Hen’s Roost’s Farmer’s Market.

Our daughters love to swim, so most of the days in summer you’ll find us at McMurtrey Water Park. We also love the movies at the Maya theater, Rollerama roller rink. Our family loves to just walk downtown too. We shop, play at the park, run around – our girls love to explore and so do we.

I have felt that my story is mundane – but this is real family life, living downtown with our daughters and investing into our local community. Who knows what life will bring us or where our next step will be, but we do know that right now, living in the townhomes is what we wanted and we’re excited to be here.

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