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Shannon Pope’s 17th Place Story

One year ago I was working in downtown Austin, Texas, working for a tech company and living in a super cool loft apartment just blocks away from my office at the heart of the city just blocks from the capitol.

Now, I’m not sure if you have ever been to Austin, but it is one of the coolest cities in the world, I am sure that there are some of you that would argue for SF or LA, or even SD, but that is beside the point.

While in Austin, I had access to all of the coolest new tech, amazing venues and (mostly) sold out shows. Bakersfield, on the other hand, has Austin beat on one thing matters a whole lot to me…

My family.

While I was there I missed cousins’ graduations, friends’ weddings and Thanksgiving with the fam’s first great grand kid. I just couldn’t justify the cost of trips home that would only last a day or two, more than a few times a year.

So, I decided to come home. I am sure that you have heard other stories like mine: how Bakersfield sucked people back in, and how they resent being back, but have no plans to leave.

That isn’t my story. 

I moved back, found a great job for a great company, MWG Mestmaker (we’re hiring!), and started putting down roots. I chose to be here, back in Bakersfield and back in California. I started to make friends again and connect with other local business people. I was still waiting for my next step, but knew I wanted it to be a local one.

Of course, being a millennial, I had no idea what that step was, until my Dad told me about a new apartment complex being built just blocks from my office.

Super cool housing, like the ones in the middle of super cool cities (see list above), and being built HERE IN TOWN. And not just anywhere in town, but in DOWNTOWN. A few blocks from Rabobank, Mexicali, The Padre, across the street from Bill Lee’s and Rice Bowl, next door to Smitten, our brand new coffee shop and just a couple minutes’ walk from my fantastic job!

I wrote to the website, asking how soon I could move in, and where a lease is for me to sign. That started my one year of waiting, mostly patiently, to move into my dream apartment. I have been in two months now and could not be happier. (I could actually because I still need a roommate…)

I’ve been wildly impressed by the developers of 17th Place including Austin and Bob Smith, the architect Dan Cater, and the team here at 17th Place.

As I gaze out my windows, I see the foothills of the Sierra, a booming community with the integrity of what is good in Bakersfield, and the potential of a rich, thriving downtown. Join me!

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